Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bologna, Bordo, and about two months of catch-up...

Hey there everyone, I have finally gotten myself to sit down, sit still, and write. Recently, this has been hard since I have felt like a small child in a very shiny candy shop! There is always something distracting me... Wow. So much has happened! I'll start at the beginning....

So after I left Florence I went to work at a Buddhist retreat in the Italian Alps, without any roads, where they only speak German. Yeah. You read that right. But oh my goodness, it was such bliss. Well, at times!

Bordo, as you can probably see by the pictures is so so picturesque. It is all old wood and stone and grape vines and worn cobblestones. Dio. Mi Manca! I was there for nearly three weeks. At first I was working in the kitchen... Which is quite a task. On breakfast duty, you wake with the sun at about 5:45 to be in the kitchen by six... But if you can keep your eyes open wide enough the view is amazing! The sun just barely working its fingers over the ridges of the mountains. If you can believe it, some mornings I would wake early and sit on the porch and watch the first rays of light touch the valley. There is something about mountains that I feel is in my blood. When I am somewhere high and quiet and full of green, I feel more at peace than I ever do.

So I worked a kitchen shift with William - one of the other workaways at Bordo. I remember most of my time in the kitchen as a blur of chopped vegetables, overflowing pots, and oversized kitchen utensils. But after I had done my time - for about a week- there was FAMILY CAMP at Bordo!  And may I just interject here that I met the most beautiful and sweet people during this time! I don't think I have ever come across so many interesting and serene people in such a short amount of time.

To be continued....

PS: Bologna is pretty awesome. Starting art classes - most likely some printmaking. SO excited.

Ciao Ragazzi! xx

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