Monday, July 4, 2011

Being Sick, Stressing out, And buying Ramen.

I've finally gotten sick. It was a long time coming... Today after class I slouched home and proceeded to watch My Fair Lady with tea. I then passed out while watching my fair lady, and woke up to Eliza screaming at what's-his-face the misogynist. I then moved the party to the bedroom and slept for about 3.5 hours. I managed to make it out of the house to buy some milk and chocolate croissants for tomorrow. Ah well. It is cool and raining here, which is a nice break.

Now I am pretty darn awake and trying make my brain work faster so I can finish my homework. Not that much the complain about though. I am sniffle-nosed in one of the most beautiful cities! (And I had a wonderful cappuccino at my caffe today. I swear, the way our lovely old barista pours the milk into the espresso shot... it is so tender and artful. Mmm.)

Oh yeah. I also went to the asian market (which is a severely under-stocked) and bought some ramen, almost solely because I have been alternating between eating spaghetti and cous-cous. Not that ramen noodles are any better for me...

A bronze cast in the
Women's/ Madonna's chapel.
Some more images from Siena...
this is marble inlay

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